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Submit a Blogger Blog to Google Search Console

Google Search Console (formerly known as “Google Webmaster Tools“) is a free tool offered by Google that allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites or blog. Today I am not going, in the details of this tool but want to show you how to submit a blogger blog to Google Search Console.  To access the Google webmaster console, you would need a Google account as you know we can use one account for google all products. Login into your account google account and then follow the below steps.
Add Blog to Google Search Console

How to Submit a Blogger Blog to Google Search Console?

Blogger (Blogspot) is a service owned by Google. The procedure is very simple and easy.
  1. Open the webmaster console homepage here. On the homepage of Google Search Console, click “Add Property” in the upper right. Enter the blog address in the pop-up address bar that opens, click on add. As in below example:
 2. Do not worry about the mail you send Google immediately entitled “Improve the search presence of [website address] in the search results.”
If you are using the same account the blogger and webmaster console, then you don’t need to validate your blog. However, if you are using different accounts for both then you need to validate your blog.

How to validate a blog to google webmaster console?

There are different ways to validate a site in the Google Search Console, but only one is recommended for Blogger users: validation via the meta tag.

Get the code of the meta tag

Click the “Alternate Methods” tab and check the “HTML tag” box. You will see a line of code displayed, like this:
Copy this meta tag and then open the Blogger in a new tab. Login into the blogger, click “Template” then “Edit HTML“.
Search  </ title> and paste the meta tag right after that, as in this example.
Save the template. Again open the Google Search console and just click on “Submit” button. Now google search console looking, if the google bot find the meta tags on your blog then it will validate your blog. This meta tag will remain in this place throughout the life of your blog if you want Google Search Console continues to monitor your blog data.
I hope this tutorial will help you to submit a blogger blog to google webmaster console and the next post we will learn how to submit a blog sitemap to google webmaster console.

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