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14+ Best Blogger Widgets for Every Blog

A blogger widget or gadget is a small window which is performing a specific function in a blog. Blogger always encourages their user to use initial default and thousands of other developer’s widgets. These blogger widgets play a very important rule to establish a successful blog because it attracts the visitors and they can also spread your voice with other people through social media.
TBG always try to bring new widgets and other plugins for their followers. Today we are going to share with a list of the top 14 best blogger widgets, which very essential for every blog. This list includes in Facebook page plugin, email subscription, social media sharing buttons, author box etc.

Top blogger widget for every blog
Best Blogger WidgetsFacebook page plugin

facebook page plugin for blogger
As we know Facebook is a major social media site in the world. We can be used to draw huge traffic for a blog or website, but it totally depends on how many followers you have on Facebook. So, this is very important to increase the Facebook followers. Facebook page plugin can execute this task, this widget developed by Facebook and already used so many blogs. When a visitor finds your blog helpful, they obviously like your blog through this box.
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Email subscription box blogger widget

Email Subscription widget for blogger

This truly important widget for any blog because it helps to increase your email subscribers. Some your visitors wanted to aware of your new posts. This gadget is truly helpful for these visitors. They will receive your blog update in their email inbox and this important way to regain the visitors.
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Search box

The search box is an essential thing for every blog, it allows two visitors to explore a blog through search a query. We can add a search box from the blogger default gadget pack, but If you add more advanced and attractive than I already shared a post about that.
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Social media sharing button

social media share button for blogger

This truly important widget and already used in so many blogs and websites. If you are writing quality posts, but your blog doesn’t have a proper way for visitors to share your posts on social media then you can’t establish a successful blog. This social media button capable of doing this task for you.
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Twitter follow button for blogger

Twitter follow button for blogger

After Facebook, Twitter is another major social media site. It can be used to promote and increase blog traffic, but it all depending on how many followers you have on Twitter. Twitter follow button will help you to increase your twitter followers.
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Recent posts widget

recent posts widget for blogger

Recent posts gadget help to display your blog recently posted articles, this helpful for your regular visitors, they easily find your new posts. Read How to add the recent post widget in blogger blog.
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Popular posts widget

popoular posts widget for blogger

This blogger default gadget and display posts according to its popularity. It helps to increase your blog page previews.
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Label or category blogger widget

This gadget works like a navigation bar and helps the visitors to easily navigate your blog. We can add this from the blogger default gadget. I want to make it more attractive.
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Related posts blogger widget

Recent posts widget for blogger

It is an essential widget for any blog or website. It displays the same label or category posts below the current post. It’s very helpful to increase your blog page preview.
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Floating sharing social media button

This very amazing widget, it has a cute design, you can make your blog more embellish with this amazing gadget which is having Facebook, Twitter, Google plus following buttons and RSS feeds.
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Author box

Author box widget for blogger

This gadget shows info about authors like short Bio, author picture, and social media links. We can add this in the sidebar or below the every post.

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CSS drop down menu


Menu bar always an important part of any blog, it helps visitors to navigate a blog, then this truly important to add an attractive menu, but the blogger default template doesn’t have this feature but no worry, read here how to add CSS drop down menu in blogger.
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Live chat widget


It is a very cute gadget, if you want to add more fun to your blog, then try this one, with the help of this gadget your blog visitors can do live chat with you, they can ask a question about blog or products. If you have an eCommerce blog, then it is very useful for this kind blog.
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Contact form widget for blogger

Contact Form Designs Blogger

The contact form is also a necessary widget to include in your blog. It helps the visitors to make private communication with you, without opening the email account.
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Sitemap page widget for blogger


This is the best thing for your blog to create a sitemap page for your readers. Unlike the XML sitemap which we submit to search engines for better crawling. The sitemap is a page which helps to organize the blog posts in a list and your users will find all posts in a single page.
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Facebook like and share button for blogger

Facebook page like & sharing button in blogger

Are you want to promote your FB page on your blog? Then must include these two buttons. It really helps to increase the Facebook followers in very less time. You can include this anywhere in your blog, but install it below the every post for better results.
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So, friends this is my blogger widgets collection, which I have shared with you and I hope, you will be enjoying this list and appreciate my hard too. If you think that I missed any essential blogger widgets then comment in the below, I will try to add this one in this list.

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