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5 Ways to Make Money From a Blog in 2016

A few years ago people used to blogging as a hobby, but after the passing of time, this became a great online business. There are many bloggers who generate handsome money from blogging. Anyone can take advantage of blogging. If you new, in the blogging world and want to know how to make money from a blog in 2016. First, I recommend you to improve your blog traffic and popularity. After that, you can easily make money through blogs.
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Top ways to make money from a blog in 2016

make money from a blog

OK, in this article I want to share my experience with you how to make money through blogs. It is better if made or build a blog with clear objectives, and monetize the blog. If you already have a clear goal to build a blog, then this than maximize your blog’s earning with below ways.

1. Sell Products / Services Alone

So that means you have a product or service that you will be selling to consumers. Essentially, write a blog about membership, activities or information about the products that you want to sell. In addition, you will find bloggers friends and blog readers. Then they targeted to offer products or services you want to sell, that is the best way to earn money from your blog.

2. Follow affiliate Program / Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a way to make money from your blog by promoting products or provide services to others. The point is that you’re selling other people’s products and earn a commission every time you successfully sell a product or service that has been promoted. In the below some examples affiliate programs

  • Amazon or LazadaAffiliate
  • Software Affiliate
  • E-Book Hosting
  • Advertising Affiliate Services

The advantages of affiliate are that you do not need to laboriously to create products and conduct transactions with customers. All you have to do is to review a product or display the banners that you get to be promoted to the buyer.

3. Offer Ad Space in Blog

You have a blog that has high traffic, of course, your blog is potential to open up for advertising space to advertisers. The price of advertising space depends on the amount of traffic and niche in your blog. This very important to note that don’t accept ads that are not related to your niche blog. Therefore, it would confuse the readers of your blog.

4. Become a Publisher Ad

This very popular way to make money from blogging, you can try many types of the publisher such as PPC (Pay per Click), CPM (Cost per Million), PPD (Pay Per download), etc. You can choose from one of the above programs. Among these ad publishers, Google Adsense is the best program from blogger and you can maximize through your Google Adsense. If you unable to approve Adsense account then try publisher ad program such as Infolink, Bidvertiser , Chitika etc.
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5. Create Online Store

If you possess your own business, then you can offer products to consumers via a blog. If you have goods then you can be directly sell and ship to buyers. However, if you do not the goods to be sell, then you can try Drop Shipping, this a form of business where you sell other people’s products. This a differences from affiliates, buyers will purchase products from you. Next, you send the money to the owner of the product and asked him to deliver the goods to your buyer. His income is obtained from the difference between the price you get from the owner of the product and the price you are offering to your buyers.

Final words

These are some of the tips that you can try, please you try one of the above ways for you to focus and begin to make money through your blog.
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