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How to create a private blog in blogger

When we create a new blog in blogger it is visible for all over the world, everyone can read it. However, in some cases, we need to keep our contents invisible for others. Or if you are planning to create a blog which contains visible only for you or you want to use your blog as a private diary. Or you maybe want to share your thoughts with friends, family or colleagues only, blogger allows their users to do these types customization.

In this particular post, we will provide a detailed guide that how to create a private blog in blogger. So, let’s start.

How to create a private blog in blogger

How to create a private blog in blogger?

First, you need to create a new blog or select already existed blog which you want to keep privately then follow the below simple steps.

Go your blog dashboard

Select setting, then basic, scroll down, there are three different options in permission section.


  • Public
  • Only blogs authors.
  • Only these users

Public: By default, this permission set every new blog. This means your blog can visit anyone, including human readers, reboots, and different sites crawls.

Only blog author: If you check this option then your  blog will be visible for blog’s added authors only. And these options will restrict all public users to access your blog.

Only these readers: If you would like to some chosen readers visit your blog only then enable this option. And add the readers’ email address, after that they will receive the in invitation message. Now these readers can access to your blog. However, they will need to login to their Google account.

So, these two options can help to create a private blog in blogger.  This depends on you which option suitable for your blog. If you want to create a blog visible for himself only, then check on only for authors or you want to share with some friends then select the third option.  So, these a simple tutorial which I shared with you and I hope you will have enjoyed it.

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