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10+ Email Subscription Widgets for Blogger

If you don’t have an email subscription widget in your blog, you’re missing a very powerful tool to make regular readers and customers for your blog because many of audiences want to get updates from your blog if you are providing them great information. An email subscription widget helps the visitors get newsletters from a blog or website right on their email’s Inbox. This is a way to increase blog’s traffic and could make regular audiences for a blog. Apart from this you can create a great community of readers and your blog will become less and less dependent on external sources of traffic and also help to increase your blog’s looking.

So, in this post, we are going to share with you a list of stylish email subscription widgets for blogger blog. These beautiful widgets will be forced your blog’s audiences to subscribe your blog via email.

#1. Pop up email subscription widget

popup email subscription widget for blogger

This a great looking and modern pop-up email subscription widget for blogger. When a user visits your blog they will see this pop up subscription widget with lightbox which will attract them to subscribe your blog via email. Live Demo

#2. Email subscription with social media button

Email subscription with social media button for blogger

This is professionally designed and beautiful looking email subscription widget for blogger. You can include this widget in your blog sidebar. This allows the user to enter their email address and subscribe your blog. Apart of this, it comes with important social media’s button which means users can follow your blog on social media. live demo

#3. Dark email subscription widget with social media button

#4. Flat UI Email subscription widget

Another great looking email subscription widget for blogger. It has flat UI design with lovely effects which will increase your blog looking. This is a good choice to use in the blog sidebar. Live Demo

#5. Simple email subscription wiget

This is simple but eye catching design that allows the users to easily subscribe your blog via Feedburner and get updates in their email’s Inbox.
It’s simple to use, yet powerful and user-friendly email subscription widget which is suitable to add it in the below posts.

#6. Responsive email subscription widget for blogger

The above all widget isn’t responsive, which means it only great looking at desktop only. If you are looking for responsive widget, then add this one.

#7. Beautiful email subscription widget for blogger

This a clean, flexible widget for blogger and very helpful for converting your regular blog to a traffic generating machine. It allows the users to subscribe your website through email or social media. This is suitable for both use sidebar and below the post.

#8. Subscription Box Ala Arlina Design

This is an excellent choice to grow your email subscribers. It has a cool and eye-catching design that can be used anywhere in your blog.

#9. Stylish Email subscription box widget for blogger

stylish email subscription widget for blogger

A Cool Custom stylish Email subscription box widget for blogger. This best widget to place it in the blog sidebar.

#10. Responsive email subscription box

This is a last but not least widget in our list. This widget, built with HTML5 and CSS3 and easy to apply to your blog. This is simple yet modern and you can use it anywhere on a blog.

How To Add email Subscription Widget For Blogger Blog

First of all select your favorite design from above and click on get code and copy all codes from appearing pop-up window.
1. Add to the blog’s sidebar

  • login to your blogger account.
  • Go layout and click on add a gadget
  • Select HTML/javascript
  • Paste the copied code here and save

2. Add below the post

  • Select template and then edit HTML Search  <data:post.body/>
  • Paste copied just above it and save template.
  • Done


  1. Search (YOUR FEEDBURNER ID) and replace with your Feedburner ID. If you don’t have then read this article how to setup feedburner for blogger.
  2. Replace the social media links with your social profile link.

So, these were the top 10 email subscription widgets for blogger. I hope you would find this list helpful to add a stylish email subscription widget in your blog. However, if your are facing any problem in the adding of the above widgets then shares with us  in the comment section.

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