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How to Enable Free HTTPS, SSl Certificate in Blogger

In this post, I want to show you how to enable free HTTPS, SSL certificate in Blogger. By enabling this feature in your blog, it means you will provide extra security for your blog’s users and protect their data from hackers. In blogger moving HTTP to HTTPS and installing an SSL certificate is quite simple, but before to start our main tutorial, I would like to cover some below frequently asked questions as well.

  • What’s SSL certificate?
  • Why should you need to enable SSL certificate?
  • What I do After Migrating To HTTPS From HTTP?

So, let we are going to cover these questions.

What is SSL certificate?

SSL stands for secure socket layer. SSL is the standard security technology to ensure a safe connection between the user’s browser and web server. Most of the time we need to shop online products, fill online forms, online transaction and many other things where we need to send our data to the web server. To make our data transfer safely, we need a secure connection and that’s CSSL.

Why should you need to enable SSL certificate?

Since it protects the user’s data from hackers, so this is very important to enable SSL certificate in online shopping websites from the first day and using HTTPS in an informative blog doesn’t important as compared to an eCommerce blog. The significant benefits of using SSL certificate or https in a blog is that it will be increased the search engine ranking because Google gives slightly edge to SSL certificate enable site in search results.

How to enable free HTTPS, SSL certificate in Blogger

  • To enable SSL certificate in the .blogspot domain is very simple. Follow the below-mentioned steps.
  • Login to your blogger account
  • Go setting and then basics.
  • Look for HTTPS option.
  • Select (Yes) from drop down menu like below screen shot and click save.

enable SSL certificate in Blogger

What I do After Migrating To HTTPS From HTTP?

Now you successfully enable SSL certificate in your blogger blog. Now you need to tell google and other search engines crawl that you have migrated your blog to https. So, this step will help you to make your blog more SEO friendly and improve your ranking in search engines. So, let’s do this.
The first thing you need to update your blog robots.txt and replace HTTP with https in sitemap links and save. Now you need to resubmit your blog and sitemap https version to google search console as well.

  • Login to your Google Search Console account
  • Add new property in this way:
  • After that adding the new property and verifying it,
  • then also submit your HTTPS version blog’s sitemap to google webmaster console.

Final words

Unfortunately, this feature only available for blogger subdomain and not for a custom domain. However, if you are interested in enabling in custom domain, then wait for the next post. I hope this post may have helped that how to enable free HTTPS, SSL certificate in your blogger blog. If you think this post helpful then share with your friends through social media.

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