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11+ Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO

There are plenty of free keyword research tools available to find relevant keywords for SEO and you don’t need to spend money on paid tools. However, most of these tools have limited features but still very useful for keywords searching. If you have a small business, then these free great for you. Although if you have short of time and want to exchange money with time, then you can try some premium tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush,  Moz’s keyword difficulty tool and term explorer keyword research tools

In this post, I want to share with you some best and free keyword research tools which will help to find content ideas and great keywords for your business.


1. Google keyword planner

This is the best and free tool to find relevant keywords for SEO, it helps to find out keywords idea along with a seed keyword and provides search volume data.

Although it displays a very limited number of ideas. Approximately it shows around 800 ideas for a seed keywords and a lot of keywords needs to find out.
Keyword planner has many important features such as find a keyword through location based, language, search volume, keyword competition and keeps data on the keywords. Other important features of this tool, it allows the user to save the keyword data in their devices.

2. Keyword Tool

It is free online keyword research tool that uses Google Autocomplete to produce the long tail keywords for any topic. This very similar to the Google planner, but its free version generates only keyword ideas, so, if need the keyword search data volume, CPC or adword competition then you will need to upgrade your account to paid version. The best thing in this tool is that it produced ideas based on a Google domain, Bing, YouTube, Amazon or even Google play store and from different language that you choose.

3. SeoStack

This an absolutely free Google chrome extension which can help to find great keywords. Seostack can generate keywords ideas from Google and YouTube through a seed keyword.

Once you put a seed Keyword seostack will modify the original keywords and generate keyword ideas, it generates around 400 ideas of one keyword.

4. Bing keyword research tool

This work similar to google keyword planner, but it generates data from bing and yahoo. Once you enter a seed keyword, then it displays the related ideas.

This tool helps to find the keyword data, search volume, and location. This tool can help you if you want to get good traffic from bing and yahoo.

5. Google trend

Another best keyword research tool from Google, it can be used to determine the keywords popularity and help to find out the keyword recent trends.

Google trend helps to discover new keywords along the competitors as well.

So, this tool very helpful to find the low competition keywords which aren’t targeted anyone them yet.

6. AnswerThePublic

This tool very same to seostack and it uses the Google autocomplete for keywords suggestions. Once write any term then it modifies the original keyword and adds different numbers, queries and generate a group of keywords.

7. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is free and simple keyword suggestion tool, it generates keyword from Google. It can generate up to 400 ideas from one seed term. If you need more ideas, then you can put the resulting keywords to produce more expanded keywords.

8. Wordstream

This tool allows up to 30 searches for free users. This very simple to use, just enter a word in the search bar and get related ideas for every keyword. This tool shows the suggestion results according to their relative frequency. Wordstream offers more features for its users such as sending all suggestion keywords to the user email account.

9. Hypersuggest

Another simple and easy to use keyword suggestion tool, it generates keywords from google and YouTube. This not only a keyword tool, but we can also learn more about a topic. This tool add the questions, modifier such as “How do I” or “What does a” with a seed term and produce hundreds of suggestions ideas.

10. Kwfinder

Kwfinder offers both free and paid services to their users, this a best tool to discover long tail keywords with high search volume and low competition. This helps to find out the keyword difficulty instantly and discover which keywords are worth optimized.

11. KGen

KGen is a browser plugin, allow to users to find which keywords are strong on visited website for search engines. KGen retrieves every word of a page and lets you know how many time they appear and their weight in the page and their average position in the web page.

So, these were some best and free keyword suggestions tools which I shared with you, these all tools has their own features, the keyword planner, and Bing keyword research tool, allow the users to find out the direct data of a keyword from Google and Bing search and other tool help to find related keywords.

Now you have learned all about these tools and start your keyword search through it. Let me tell which tools you are using to find keyword for SEO in the comments section.

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