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How to Create a Blog on BlogSpot (Beginner’s Guide)

Are you don’t know how to create a free blog on BlogSpot?  If your answer is yes, then read this article which will help you to make a free website on BlogSpot. Before we start our tutorial I would like to share with you some things about the blogger.

Blogger or BlogSpot is a popular and free blogging platform owned by google. It has very quickly become the second most popular blogging platform and first choice for many bloggers. It is a best platform for beginners who don’t want to spend initial investment and the easiest way to make your own blog and publish your first post in no time. It has very easy to use and understandable dashboard.

create a free blog on BlogSpot

However, if you aren’t familiar with this service then this article will help you to create a blog on blogger.

Step by step guide to make a free website on BlogSpot

1. First of all, you need to have a Google’s account, if you don’t have then create a free Google account.

2. Go to and sign in by providing the Google account’s email address and password.login-into-blogger-account-1

4. Now click on “new blog”.


5. Write your blog’s title and address, click on create blog.


6. Now you have successfully created a blog on BlogSpot and ready to publish your first post.

7. Click on start blogging and write your first post.

How to change blogger template

After creating a new blog, you may be not satisfied with blog design, but you can change the design. There are a few blogger default templates which you can apply on your blog by using below steps.

In the left menu, click on template.

Click on your favorite template and click on customization button if you want to change your template width, font size and color, blog’s background, layout and other settings and then click on ‘apply to blog’.

However, if you are looking for a professional blogger template, then download your favorite template from here and upload to your blog.

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Introduction & use of the Blogger dashboard

The Blogger dashboard will list your blogs with some quick below links on the left:


An Orange button with a pencil – Use this button to write a new post when you click on it the post editor will be launched.

List button: this is a quick button to show your blog all posts list.

Admin options: click on pointing down arrow will be opened the administrative functions which are included.

  • Overview – learn about your blog’s pageview and top traffic source.
  • Post – to write a new post or manage the drop or published posts.
  • Page – to add a new page or manage the published page.
  • Comments – to manage comments.
  • State: to view the blog’s traffic analytics.
  • Earnings – to link your blog to Adsense account.
  • Campaigns – to promote your blog through Google AdWords.
  • Layout – to manage the blog layout.
  • Template –  To change, edit or install the custom template.
  • Setting – to manage the blog’s setting.

View blog – click on this button to view your blog without leaving the blog dashboard.

So, this is a very initial guide for bloggers who just want create a free blog. If you have any questions about the BlogSpot, then share it in the comment and bookmark our blog for more BlogSpot tutorials or like our Facebook page to get updates.

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