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How to Make Money from Facebook

How to make money from Facebook? It is a very frequently asked question. So Today, I decided to share with you how to earn money from a Facebook fan page. People use the Facebook for different purposes, most of the people use it only to get likes, share and chat with their friends and some people want to promote their business through it.
Facebook is the top visiting social website all over the world and it has billion plus users already and its users increasing day by day.
It doesn’t give the opportunity to earn money directly from post or videos like YouTube, where we can monetize our videos and can earn from it. But there are some techniques which can help to make money from Facebook.

5 Best Ways to Make money Through Facebook

How to make money from Facebook

1. Sell Product Via Facebook Marketplace

Facebook allows their users to buy or sell products through its marketplace. If you have your own branded products like mobiles, vehicles, t-shirts, laptops, and so on then you can sell through Facebook and can get handsome revenue from it. Facebook provides an advertising program, which will send very highly targeted traffic for your products.

2. Make money from Facebook Through affiliates program

If you don’t want to invest money or don’t have anything to sell then no worry, you can promote the other products and can get a good commission through it.
Simply sign up to, click bank, amazon, eBay or other relevant site and create an affiliate account and select some products which want you to sell. Just paste its affiliate link on your FB page. Any who buy a product through your link you will earn the commission.

3.Promote your blog or website

If you have a huge liked fan page, then you can create a free blog or website related your page’s topic and put the ads on your blog to make money. But make sure that your content is unique, not copied and try to create a decent blog. Regularly updates your blog and share the blog’s links on your page and get traffic to the blog. Start to make money through PPC (pay per click). Anyone who click on ads, you will earn money from it. If you don’t know how to create a free blog then read the below two articles to make a blog and find the best PPC networks.

4.Sell your Facebook fan page posts.

This is the easiest way to make money from the Facebook page. If you have a big fan page, then you can sell its posts. There many sites that offer to sell or buy the FB page posts, but I would recommend If have a Facebook page with minimum 1000 fans then you can apply here.

  • Go and sign up through Facebook.
  • Add your page and place the provided text on your page to confirm that you’re the owner of that page.
  • Now set a price for page’s per post. This is important to set affordable price, if you set a too expensive price, then no one will buy your posts.
  • Once you set all things then wait for the order.

5.Earn  Money through

This new fast growing website which offers for their members to make money from Facebook and other social networks. They are paying for simple & fast action such as share a post on social media, like a Facebook page, visit various websites and watching a video, etc. Get will pay you for very action when you complete. The action rate depends on the nature of the task, usually they 0.05 to 1$ per action. To join this site, simply click here.

So, friends, these are some ways to earn money from Facebook. But in these ways, you need hard work and patience. First of all, need to establish an outstanding fan page and work to get more fans. Once you get a big fan page, then you make $$ from your page.

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