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How to Set Search Preferences in Blogger

In this post, I’m going to show you the correct setting of search preference in blogger. This an SEO feature which added a few years ago in blogger. The correct setting of these features is very important because incorrect setting your blog can be ignored by the search engine and correct setting your blog can get high PageRank and high traffic.How to set search preference in blogger

How to set search preference in blogger

First login to your blogger account selects setting, then click on search preference, there are three sections 1. Meta Tags 2. Errors and redirections 3. Crawlers and indexing.

1. Meta Tags Setting in blogger

Meta tags mean a short description of your blog or post, to enable this feature, click on edit check yes and write your blog short description if you want to use multiple keywords, then use the comma to separate two words and save but be sure that description must be between 150 to 160 characters.

2. Errors and Redirections

Errors; means when a visitor click on your blog’s broken links and they get a message like errors 404 page not found. With help of this feature we can change this message, click on edit and type your word here like below screenshot and save, now your visitors will found this message when they click on your blog broken link.

Custom Redirects; sometimes you need to change post or page link or broken link to another post so, with the help of this feature you can redirect one post to another post so, click on edit. There are two options 1. From 2. To.

From: Type here the broken link address which you want to redirect to another post.
To: Type here to new post or page address and save. Now when someone clicks on your blog broken, they will be automatically redirected to your new post.

3. Crawlers and indexing

Crawlers and indexing; means how to crawl and index your blog Google and other search engines bots which very important feature, you can see here a warning the incorrect use of these features can result in your blog being ignored by search engines so, set these very carefully. Here two options 1. Custom robots.txt 2. Custom robots header tags.
Custom robots.txt with the help of this you can give instruction to the search engine bots which pages, index or not and also disallow any search engine bot from your blog from crawling. To enable this feature, click edit and check the yes and paste the below text in the box this our recommended setting

User-agent: * Mediapartners-Google
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Custom robots header tags mean, how to index search engine bots and show on search your blog posts and pages individually. For this feature, our recommend setting in below screenshot.
Enable Custom robots header tags and set that like above screenshot and click on the save changes button. Next time we will discuss custom robots.txt and custom robots header tags in detail. If you have any question about that, then comment in the below box I will try to respond you as soon as possible.

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  1. sir, i have used exactly these codes in my blog, but after that google webmaster tools shows that the google not index my articles. i have posted two articles in my blog after updating the codes above. Can you please guide me how many days needs to index an newly publish article in google and what is the meening of max 500 in the code. some other bloggers usimg another code where they mentioned updayed and dosallow word in the codes. kindly guide me as i am mew in blogger. my blog is,

  2. Dear Hussain
    Google takes some time to index new site links but if you to quickly index your newly publish then follow below steps
    Login in you Google webmaster
    Select crawl >> fetch as google and submit your new posts links
    2nd you can use both sitemap
    Thank you.

  3. Please tell me how to enable AD sense for blogger, Thanks

  4. It’s blog is very help in such cases I am glad to survey thanks

  5. Your blog I really helpful in such cases loving it

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