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8 Ways to Increase Blog Subscribers in Less Time

Gain subscribers are as important as winning visitors; a large number of Internet users prefer to be subscribed of their choice blog instead of occasionally visiting if there are quality and fresh contents available. Every webmaster wants to they have more feed subscribers, for those guys, here some recommendations how to increase blog  subscribers in less time.

How to Increase Blog Subscribers in Less Time

How to Increase Blog Subscribers

1.Write original content.

This very important factor to increase the blog’s feed subscribers. In these days, millions of Web sites that offer different information and a large percentage of that information is duplicate content. They only copy content from different websites and blogs and publish on their own site. So why would anyone subscribe to your blog? If your contents are duplicated. They will do so only if your information is new and original, in your own style.

2. Put a visible link to your feed.

If you have original content, then this important to put a visible feed link in your blog. This is one of the most effective ways to get readers, place on top of your blog subscription link is quite visible and easy to recognize. You will see that soon will increase your number of subscribers
To put the feed subscription link with an image only paste the below code in an HTML / Javascript.

<a href="http:// yourblog"> <img src = "URL icon" border = "0" /> </a>

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3. Offer different ways to subscribe.

This is another important technique to increase blog subscribers. Not all readers use the same way to read feeds so you can offer several methods to subscribe as Feedburner email subscription, iGoogle subscription or someone else you know,

4. Offer the subscription by category.

The subscription by category is perfect for blogs that touch many different topics, a reader may not want to subscribe to your blog a topic that doesn’t matter to him, but if you have subscribed categories, then the more chance that readers will subscribe at least one category, which they interested.

5. Add a button below the every post

Similarly, you put a link to subscribe in the best visible part of the blog, you can also put one a little more discreet below the every post, if the reader only just read a post and they enjoyed it and see immediately the feed button then more choice they would be subscribed your feed.

6. Be careful with the number of subscriber’s buttons.

Feed Burner a gadget that displays the number of subscribers who have subscribed a blog, but this is a double-edged weapon. Do not put it if your number of subscribers is low because it will give the impression that no one wants to subscribe to your blog and will be little encouraged to the others. But if you have a large number, then you can proudly display on your blog that will give them a good impression and readers will have confidence when they subscribe a blog.

7. Explains what is RSS feed?

Many readers do not subscribe because they simply don’t know what is feed? And how it works?. Write a post or a page and explain the advantages of feed subscription, this is an additional good way to promote your blog’s feed

8. Be consistent with your posts.

When someone subscribes to a blog, this is same if you subscribe a magazine and they wait to read something new in it. This is the same case with your blog, your readers expect you to read new things from your blog, if they don’t receive anything in many days then the readers usually unsubscribe your feeds. Therefore tries to be consistent and update your blog frequently.
With the above recommendations, you will have more chances to increase blog subscribers in a short time.

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