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4 Easy ways to get High Quality Backlinks‎ For Your Blog

Link building means generate backlinks for a site on other sites. This an important part of SEO, if a site has more backlinks on other sites Google and other search engines give him high PageRank and send them more traffic. There are two types backlinks do-follow and no-follow and search engines consider backlink as a vote. The nofollow backlink search engine doesn’t consider as a vote, these type links only generate traffic but doesn’t effect on PR. Dofollow links are original links which search engines accept as vote and decide on them. In old time Google accepts all types backlinks, webmasters only put a link their site on other sites and Google give them PageRank, but these days Google has very restricted backlinks policy and make new algorithm which accept only high quality and natural links and Google doesn’t consider on low quality links. If someone breaks the Google backlinks policy they banned these sites in search. So, this very important to follow caution in link building, only generate high quality backlinks and don’t create spam links because these links can destroyed your website or blog.

Link Building Tips


4 Easy Ways To High Quality Get Backlinks

Below we will discuss how to create high quality backlinks easy, free and legal  method.

Blog comments

This easy and popular method for link building. In this way we can generate high quality backlinks for our website, only leave a comment on your site related blogs and put the site URL with the comment but all blogs don’t give do-follow in comment and most use no-follow attribution with external links which don’t effect PageRank and do-follow blogs are very rare on web but don’t worry I have already shared high PR do-follow commentluv blogs list. In this list I include only 100% do-follow blogs you can visit these blogs and leave your comments and gets do-follow backlinks for your sites.

Article directories Submission

Some people say that article directory link building is dead, but there some directories which still good and we can get high quality backlinks from these sites but some caution required in article submission. Don’t submit your article low PageRank directories and always write fresh articles for each directory.
Top 30 Dofollow High PR Article Directories List.

Submit Your Blog or Website to Web Directories

This another famous way for link building. There are many web do-follow directories, where we can submit our site and we get high quality backlinks for site. There some directories, Google gives more respect their links like, Yahoo directory, if you success to get a backlink from these directories this very good for your site. Only submit your site free directories, don’t pay for link building because Google not like paid backlinks. If you have difficulty to find free dofollow directories, then check this list, 30 Dofollow web directories list.

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking this another popular way for backlink building. There are some high PR social site where we can submit our site to get high quality backlinks and this way we can also get some traffic for our blog.
20 High PR Dofollow Social Bookmark Sites List

Write quality contents

Quality always meter, Google doesn’t only look the backlinks quantity, but also look the site contents quality, if your site content has high quality then your can get high PR with less do-follow links. So,  this is important that always write fresh content for your blog or site and don’t copy from other sites because Google hate with copy contents.

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