Saturday , December 16 2017

20+ Best Blogger Templates

best blogger template

When we create a new blog on blogger then we are looking for a best blogger template for it. There are a lot of blogger templates available on the web but how to select a perfect template is slightly difficult. To select a best blogger template for a blog the …

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Responsive Social Media Share Buttons for Blogger

social media share button for blogger

Are you looking for social media share button for blogger? In this post, I want to show how to add beautiful & responsive social media sharing button in blogger. This allows your readers to share your post on their favorite social media. In this way, you not only increase the …

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How to Add Facebook Page Plugin In Blogger

facebook page plugin for blogger

Facebook Page Plugin for Blogger – The Facebook page plugin was formally known as like box really important plugin for a web page. Facebook allows to the page contributors to embed the page live stream into their web page. It really helps to promote your page on your site. Page …

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Create Responsive Dropdown Menu bar in Blogger

In the previous post, I have shared a collection of the beautiful vertical navigation menu bar. In the response of our some readers’ request, in this post, I want to share with you a multi-level responsive menu and we also will learn in this post how to add it to …

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How to Add Lazy Load Images in Blogger

lazy load image in blogger

Lazy load in images is a hack to defer the initialization of images in a long web page. Images are not loading outside of the viewport until the visitor scrolls down it. Lazy Load helps you to speed up your blog and reduce the bandwidth as well. The bandwidth isn’t …

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Add Author Box Below Every Post in Blogger

Author box widget for blogger

Author box widget for blogger – The author box is a small section in a blog where the blog’s author can display information about itself, social profile and picture. This is a very handy widget for any blog. Through this widget, you can share your bio with your readers. This …

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Simple Related Posts Widget For Blogger

simple related posts widget for blogger

In the previous post, we have outlined that how to add related posts with thumbnail widget in blogger. This post very same to the last tutorial. Now we are going to add simple related posts widget in blogger. This is a great idea for those who want display more relevant …

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Stylish Related Posts Widget with Thumbnail for Blogger

Recent posts widget for blogger

Related posts widget with thumbnail for blogger – this is a wonderful widget to display the related posts in the footer of each blog post from the same category along with image thumbnail. By installing this widget in a blog, not only help to display the relevant posts, but also …

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