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Random Posts Widget for Blogger Blog

Random post is a widget that displays the random articles list in blog’s sidebar or anywhere you want to show it. As we know this widget isn’t available by default in blogger, we will need to add this through third party coding. By adding the random post widget on your blog, your blog articles automatically will appear randomly. This very close to recent posts widget and related posts widget. The aim of the adding random post widget in your blog is that it helps to engage your readers and increase the blog page view as well. Another advantage of the adding this widget is that it helps to make your blog more eye catching. Well, in this post I would like to share with you that how to create a random post in blogger blog. For those who are looking for a cool random post widget, I’m sure they’ll love to this widget.
Random Posts Widget for Blogger Blog

How to add random posts widget in blogger

To add this widget in your blog isn’t easy, you need to write JavaScript and CSS coding. Which isn’t possible for every blogger, but don’t worry! In this post, we are going to add this widget, through already written code. So, you don’t need to write JavaScript and CSS coding. Only follow the below simple steps to add this widget in your blog.
1. Click on below view button and copy all code from appearing window.

2. Login to your blogger and go layout section
3. Add a gadget and click on HTML/JavaScript and the copied paste.
4. save the widget.
5. Now view the blog, Wow! You have successfully added the random post widget in your blog.

How to customize the random post widget

If you want to adjust its look and function. You can do it by little modification in its coding.
  • var rdp_numposts = 5;  this the number of posts, how many you want to displa.
  • var rdp_snippet_length = 120;  To set the number of characters that will be displayed
  • var rdp_info = ‘no‘;  Replace with yes if you want to show the info post
  • var rdp_comment=’comment’ display the post comments.
Now you have learned that how to add random posts in a blogger blog. If have any questions about this widget then place your comment in the comments section.

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