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6 Stylish Recent Post Widgets Design for Blogger

Recent posts widget is a widget which shows a collection of the recently published articles in a blog sidebar. We can add this widget in the different types such as recent posts with thumbnails, simple, and gallery etc. This widget has many benefits for a blog, but this especially helping your blog regular readers, they can easily find the latest posts on your blog.  It will also help to increase the blog’s page views and visitors will spend more time on your blog as well as it helps to reduce the blog’s bounce rate. As we know the bounce rate is an important factor in the SEO point of view.This widget not available in blogger by default, you need to add through the third party coding, but every blogger doesn’t know the programming languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript but good news for those guys! In this post, I going to share with you a collection of recent posts widgets and you don’t need to write single coding.

6 Stylish recent post widgets designs for blogger


1. Recent posts with page navigation

This very amazing widget and beautiful design. It will display the latest post with image thumbnails in your blog’s sidebar. I suggest you to install the widget on your blogger blog because it will allow visitors to see the wide list of latest posts with the help of its page navigation and also has responsive and SEO friendly design

2. Slider Recent Post

This very cool and stylish widget which will increase your blog look. This widget will collect your latest posts and it will show as a slideshow. Which will attract the visitor’s attention and you will notice the increasing your blog page views dramatically. For better result, I will suggest you install this widget just below the header.

3. Gallery Recent Post

Do you want to create a gallery in your blog? Then install this widget, which will create a beautiful gallery in your blog sidebar from recently published posts with attractive CSS effects. With the help of this can get the visitors attention and your blog will get more pageviews.

4. Recent posts without thumbnails

The above all widgets will display image thumbnails. Which will increase the load time of your blog. If you don’t want to make your blog too heavy then install this one. This a simple widget which only displays the latest article titles only.

5. Recent posts widget by label

The above all widgets show all latest posts in the blog. If you want to display the particular label posts in your blog sidebar then add the below code on your blog.

Colorful latest posts widget

If you like to add a colorful latest posts widget, then install this one. This is an amazing widget which will show a collection of the latest articles in your blog sidebar with beautiful five different colors, which will attract the visitor’s attention.

How create recent post widget in blogger blog

  1. First of all, choose your favorite widget from above then click on view code button and copy all codes from the appearing pop-up window.
  2. Login your blogger account
  3. Go layout and add new gadget
  4. Select HTML/JavaScript and paste all code here.
  5. Save the gadget


  • blogURL                              Fill with your blog URL
  • var numPosts                     Fill with the number of articles you want to display
  • var showpostthumbnail   Select true if you want image thumbnail and false to eliminate
  • var showpostdate             Select true if you want show date and false to eliminate
  • bloggertips                        Please replace with the desired label, when more than two words to use % instead of spaces (only for widget # 5)

I hope that all above widgets will be working on your blog. These all widgets tested and I also provided its all demo which means that all working properly. However, you are facing any problem about the above recent widgets for blogger then place your comment in below the comments box.

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  1. Beautiful Recent Post widgets ,I’m using on my blog

  2. very nice thank you

  3. Colorful latest posts widget is very good.. This only I am looking for as I want to customize child levels. Thanks to you.

  4. Thank you!!! The lists of posts is beautiful. I used Recent Posts with Thumbnails. However, I can’t get it to display more than 25 posts. This is very important because my posts are chronological and they all must be displayed. I changed the recent posts number in the code, but it still won’t show more than 25. Please help.

  5. Thanks for this. Its worked perfectly on my blog.

  6. Oh my! Thank you so much! I feel so grateful because I always tweak my blog. Looks like I have a lot to learn from your site, will bookmark it. Thank you, thank you so much!

  7. Hi, I love the idea of the slider for recent posts. I’d love to be able to put this widget on my home page of my Blogger blog to attract more people to it. But, I do not understand what to do with the code. You gave the code beneath the picture yet is that the exact code I need to use? If so, where do I have to put the code to make it work? If it’s not the code I need to use, how do I need to alter it? I’m not used to working with code and I’m quite a beginner using blogs. I would appreciate if you could give me any pointers on how to fix this problem, thanks!

  8. I tried it again and I put the code into the edit HTML in template. It says that “div should not appear in head” and I’m not sure how to solve this problem. Any ideas?

    • Don’t put the code in template. go your blog layout section >> add a gadget and then select HTML/JavaScript and paste the above code in the content box. save gadget

  9. I’ve just tried what you suggested yet it still is not appearing on my blog. I am unsure of why it is not working for me.

  10. The Second One Doesn’t Work ?!!! Verify please

  11. In Style 3; when i change dimension of pictures to 210, the dimension change but the quality is noise !!! Please any HELP !!!

  12. absolutely cool and great… thanks bro

  13. The codes aint working anymore.. kindly check pls

  14. Thanks. BUT, i dont get the setting aspect

  15. I want to submit this, but my blog already good enough
    anyway, thanks for the awesome design

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