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Set Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger Blog

The blogger developers are  consistently working to improve  the blogger’s performance and they are adding new features time to time. A few years ago, they introduced the SEO two features; 1. Custom robots.txt, 2. Custom robots header tags.
These both are more advanced features and most new bloggers are confusing to set it. Blogger has already given a warning that the incorrect use of these features, search engines can ignore your blog. So, this is a sensitive matter. If you don’t have proper knowledge about it, then don’t use this feature in your blog.

In the previous post, I have discussed how to set the custom robots.txt in blogger. In this post, we are going to learn how to set the custom robots header tags in blogger. This feature helps you to tell search engines that which portion your blog index or not. This is similar to custom robots.txt but here you don’t need to write code. Only check the already given options.

How to Set Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger

There is no specific setting for this feature. Every blogger can set it according to their need, but the most recommended setting is given in below which can use every blogger without any worry. To add this setting, simply follow the below steps.
  • Login to your blogger account
  • Select settings >> search preferences
  • Select Custom robots header tags >> click on edit then yes.
  • Now check all tags such as below screenshot.

Explanation of custom robots header tags

You also need to have proper knowledge about header tags. You should understand that what you are doing on your blog. In the below I have explained all tags one by one.

All– if you set this tag its mean you have allowed all crawling robots to index your content. By default, we use this tag for Homepage and posts.
Noindex– don’t index this content and not show in search results. By default, we use this tag for archive and search.
Nofollow– treat the content links as nofollow.
None– this tag equivalent to Noindex and nofollow
Noarchive– don’t index “cached links” such as label and search pages.
Nosippet– if set this tag, then google doesn’t show your post’s description in search results.
noodp– if your blog indexed in The Open Directory Project ( then google uses the metadata from here and show in the search result. If you set noodp, then google doesn’t use your blog’s metadata from Dmoz.
Notranslate – if your blog’s language is different from the visitor language, then google showing a link for translating in search results. If you set this then google don’t display this link in search results.
noimageindex – if you set this option then the search wouldn’t be indexed your blog’s images.

unavailable_after – The page will not be shown in search results after the specified date and time.

Need more help

So, friends  now you have learned how to set custom robots header in blogger. Let me tell if you have any queries about this feature, then don’t hesitate and place your question in below comments box or through the contact us page. I will surely reply back as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting our blog and have a nice day.

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