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How to Write SEO Optimized Articles in Blogger

When we write new articles for our blog, then we also want to get our article better rank in search engines. Google and other Search engines are using certain algorithms to determine where to place an article in the search results. There are some techniques which really help to get better rank in search results and these techniques called SEO. There are two types of SEO off page and on page. Off page refers all things which we do outside of our site, such as link building, social bookmarking, social media. One page refers all activities which we apply directly on our site. Most of on page techniques we apply when we write a new article. If you don’t know how to write an SEO optimized article in especially in blogger dashboard, then here top best way to write SEO optimized articles in blogger.

7 Best Ways Write SEO Optimized Articles in Blogger

Write Perfect SEO Optimized Articles in Blogger

1.Optimize your post title

This is an important factor in on-page SEO, your blog every post should have a unique title and must include your target keyword that you want to write a post. For example, we have a cooking blog and we are going to write a post about an omelet recipe. So, this is important to include omelet recipe in your post title like “easy omelet recipe” or “omelet recipe for kids”. Write your post title within 65 characters included space.

2. Content

Content is king, so, write quality content, add value and should be original and don’t copy from other sites.  Think for your readers, forget the search engines,  it is one of those tips that when you finish your work, then you feel proud and you cannot wait to publish it. Write only on your topic that you have selected and your  article should be easy  for readers, avoid making it complicated. This is also good if you try alternative keywords in your article.
For example, if a blog post explains how cooking an omelet recipe, users will surely search criteria as “tortilla recipe,”like an omelet recipe, etc. You should put those words in the content.

  • Use bold and italics in the words or phrases, you want to highlight. Do not overdo it, use them only to emphasize the point.
  • Do not write a little. Try to write long articles  (more than 500 words), a few words less likely to find you.
  • Keep your article updated, Once you’ve posted, do not forget to update it.

3. Using of Heading

This another important factor to write SEO friendly articles, correctly the use of the heading. When you are writing an article divide it into small section and paragraphs and use the heading in every paragraph
Remember that heading levels are three types in blogger.

  • Level 1: Heading
  • Level 2: Subheading
  • Level 3: Minor heading

It is recommended to use at least one  heading, but you will achieve better results if you use two levels or more of your articles.
In summary:

  • The heading will help organize content
  • Use at least one “heading”
  • Whenever possible, it uses “Subheading” and “minor heading.
  • Use of links

4. Use links in your article

Using the links in your posts is a very good thing. Whenever we link, a page from our own blog, this is known as internal links. This type of links allows the readers to spend more time  on your blog, referring to other posts that you may find useful in addition helps the search engines to index more content.
External links
Also uses external links to link your blog to other blogs and websites, If you link to a page of dubious reputation or not  trusted then remember to mark the link as “nofollow”,
Link to other sites with similar content and that have a good reputation for both your readers and positioning.
Anchor text
When we use text with a link, it is called anchor text. It is very important for search engines as well as for  your readers,  since it describes the type of content to which the link points.
When you write the anchor text, keep in mind these tips:

  • Should be descriptive
  • Do not use generic words like “click here,” “link” or link directly “http: // www …”
  • It should be concise and not get too long texts
  • Use styles to differentiate the links from the rest of your content, users should be aware that the text corresponds to a link.

5. Optimize your images

How are important the images in a blog! So much so, that even have a specific search engine just for them, it has become mandatory to include at least one image in each of your posts.
Many systems when they explore our blog the only thing showing is the title of the entrance and the first thumbnail image, so if you don’t have at least one, our input will pass virtually unnoticed. Now think about of social networks, today if you share a post without a representative picture, then you can’t  attract the visitor’s attention.
Since recently wrote a detailed guide on how to make images search engine friendly, you can check it here, if you want to deeper much more about them. In short, what you should consider adding an image is as follows:

  • Put a file name that is related to accounting
  • The less size occupies better, remember compressed
  • Put always the alternative attributes “ALT”
  • Insert the image where there is text related thereto

Read: 8 Ways to Make Blog Images SEO Friendly

6. Optimize the Permalink

Blogger automatically generates a permanent link, which is depending on the title you have entered. It is very important to customize it and make search engine friendly permalink.
To do this, just go to the configuration of the post  in the right panel and choose  “Permalink” then “custom permalink”.
Follow these tips when building your links:

  • Choose “Custom Permanent link” in the input configuration
  • Separate words with hyphens
  • Leave only the important words, avoid stop words like “the”, “the”, “of”, etc.
  • Try to put the most important words at the beginning
  • Don’t exceed more than 10 words, the shorter the better

7. Meta description

It is very important to write SEO optimized articles, to make a brief description of the content of the post, search engines, and social networks will show it along with the link.
To use this option, first, you need to activate from blogger setting.

Login  “Blogger> Settings> Preferences to search engines” and check the “Yes” in “Enable the description for search engines, and check the “yes”
there are some tips:

  • Always use the search description
  • Make it unique, never copy from another post.
  • It should be a summary of what the user will see your post.
  • Try to put an attractive description that calls the user’s attention

So, friends this some tips to write SEO optimized articles in blogger. I hope you will be enjoying it and don’t forget to share with your friends through social media. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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  1. A SEO article should be perfect when it's content should be unique ,SEO friendly and meaningful content. It's Heading should be eye catching and easier and friendly. at least one heading should be kept in SEO article.Link , anchor point and image can be used in Article to more effective its.

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