Five Most Popular TV Show Blogs

TV shows have become such an integral part of our lives to the point that keeping it is hard to keep pace with what comes up. With so many shows to choose, it can be time-consuming to check each one to see if it will bomb or not. This is where TV blogs come into play. They help “review” shows and their comments can help you decide on what you want to watch.

TV Guide

This site provides television program listings information as well as television-related news, celebrity interviews and gossip. Its key features are listings on Popular Shows, Movies, Celebrities and Latest Stories. It allows you to have a Watchlist where you can list your favorites. Just like Couchpop TV has in its TV section. It also provides recommended shows for you to watch. They also have top picks or potential winners for the Emmys.

TV Fanatic

TV Fanatic takes pride on being one of the Internet’s leading sources for television news, reviews, spoilers, photos and information. Its staff continuously works to keep audiences up to date on the latest stories the most popular shows. They have links to the Top Shows, Episode Reviews, and What’s New Tonight. They also have an archive of previous articles for you to look up if you are researching shows.

Spoiler TV

As the name suggests, this site features information of TV shows, most especially spoilers of what is coming up. It is definitely not for those who do not want their enjoyment spoiled but this is made available for the curious or to those who just cannot wait for the story to unfold. They have a What’s Hot page, Episode Database if you missed out previous shows, Pilot Watch to see new shows coming up, Premiere Calendar to know when your favorite shows are coming back and Rating News to see how shows are faring.


Yes, Reddit has a page dedicated to everything on TV. One side are posts where you can post or comment. You can sort this too. On one side are the rules to remind you on what you can and cannot do on the site. If you are new, you need  to subscribe by registering in order to be able to take part in the discussions or post a topic.

TV Insider

As its profile states, this site is “a celebration of the very best in television.” They have a page for Comic-Con which provides news on comic conventions – who are the celebrities who will be there and the vendors who will be selling their stuff. Worth Watching, as it states provides news on TV shows that is worth the time watching and it can be surmised they have been reviewed and judged worthy to our time. Find and Remind provides you a schedule of the airtime of your favorite shows. If it is not there, they will search it for you. The Magazine page provides a listing of TV-related magazines essential for those who want to be up-to-date of the developments of their favorite shows.