Four Sites Like Thumbtack

Back in the day, if you want to engage the services of a professional whether it is fixing the house or even deliver stuff, there is always the phone book where you can call them. Nowadays, the Internet has become a platform to do that and one such site that does that is Thumbtack. It allows you to find professionals whose services you need, chat with them, negotiate; and if you are satisfied with the terms, hire them. Here are four other sites like Thumbtack to aid you in finding the right people for the job.


Of course, this highly popular social media site is probably the first place you would look for help. It is a simple matter of posting on your wall that you need to hire professionals. Usually, you would enter #Crowdsourcing “LF” or go to Recommendations for that. There’s the Messenger for you to privately chat and negotiate. There is also the Facebook Group pages where people who share something in common congregate. You may want to go there and search. Facebook is perhaps the simplest site to go when you need to hire professionals.

Amazon Home Service

Amazon is more than just an online retail store that started out just selling books. It has expanded its capabilities and one of them is to provide classified ads for people looking for jobs or to hire the services of a professional. The benefits mentioned in the site are there are no upfront costs which safeguards against scams. Those who put ads are vetted to ensure they are real and legitimate. This site is exclusive and Amazon ensures they get only the best. Naturally Amazon’s customers are the most likely clientele who stand to benefit from this.

Angie’s List


The site lists the most popular services sought – plumbing, roofing, heating and air-conditioning, electrical, landscaping, housecleaning, remodeling and painting. It can be gleaned that people are looking for professionals who specialize in building or fixing houses and it can be further inferred, house maintenance is a regular thing. However, it allows you to also look for other services too. The site also shows testimonials from satisfied customers further promote the site.

Google Local Services


Google lives up to its reputation as the place to search for just about anything; jobs and services are no exception as Google has expanded its reach to include this business. You can use this site to look for jobs or offer your services to anyone interested. They provide numbers you may call. To be visible on their list, you need to register, of course. Set your budget based on how many customers you want each week and you may start posting your ads.

Home Advisor


The site is pretty much like Angie’s List by showing the most popular services people seek which has to do with home improvement. Once you enter the page, you are greeted by a search provision allowing you to enter the kind of service you need if it is not one of the popular ones. They have a screening process to ensure you hire legitimate professionals with no criminal record and are very credible with no issues whatsoever.