How to Submit a Blog & Sitemap to Yandex Webmaster Tool

In SEO, we especially focus on google, indeed google is the major search engine all over the world about 80% internet users are using Google as a search engine and major source for the website traffic. But there are some other important search engines like yahoo, bing and Yandex, which can send a huge traffic to your site.

In previous posts, I have already explained how to send your site to yahoo and bing webmaster tool. In this post, I want to share with you how to send a blog to the Yandex webmaster tool. Before we give a tutorial that How to submit a Blog to Yandex webmaster tool. I want to share a little information about Yandex. It is the Russian largest search engine company and about 60% market share in this country and this the fourth largest search engine in worldwide. It has more than 50.5 million visitors per day and more than 150 million searches per day. If your site gets a good rank from Yandex then they will send a huge traffic for your blog.

Submit a Blog to Yandex

How to submit your blog to Yandex

This very easy to submit your site to it and very same as we are submitting a site to google webmaster tool. Simply follow the below steps
1. Go here
2. Click on “Add site“.

3. Create new account if you don’t have an account Now paste the site’s URL in the box and click on add site

4. In this step, it will ask you to verify your site ownership and it will give four options to verify your site ownership.
HTML file upload
In this method, you need to download an HTML file and upload to your site root directory.
Meta tags
This very simple and recommend a method for blogger and Tumblr user. Copy the provided HTML code and paste just below the <head> tags and save it.
Text file
Create an empty text file with the specified name provided by Yandex and upload it to your site’s root directory.
In this method, you need to create a new cName record in your domain DNS provided by Yandex.

Select any verification method to verify your site. Meta tag is very easy and recommended the option for all blogging platforms. After putting the verification code in your blog click on verify. It will look for the verification code or file in your blog and after a few moments, it will verify your blog.

How to submit your sitemap to yandex

It’s very easy to submit your  sitemap to yandex. Follow the below step by step instructions.
Navigate the indexing options and click on sitemap files
Enter your blog XML sitemap in the box.
For example

Click on add. In the status, it will be showing ok once successfully add the blog sitemap.Yandex are accepting the two kinds of Sitemaps xml and text. The XML sitemap is the recommended. You can also delete your sitemap any time by clicking on delete button.

After the submitting your blog will receive some valuable traffic from yandex in a few days or months. I hope this tutorial will help you that how to submit a blog to yandex and as well sitemap. If you are facing any problem then discuss it with us in the comments section.