Sites similar to G2A to get game keys

With millions of video games all around the world, they are always on the lookout for the best games, the best deals, and the best video paraphernalia on the market. G2A answers that need. It is currently the most famous retailer of video games and Steam keys. However, the ones you see on their site may not always be the cheapest or the ones with the best price.

After scouring the internet universe, here is a shortlist of G2A-like sites that won’t break the bank.


SCDKey is a treasure trove of video games. They have stuff for Steam, Xbox, Origin, Uplay, Playstation, PC, and more, at bargain prices. What is their best feature? They tell you when they are going to drop their prices even more, which actually happens every week. So you have time to replenish your funds and grab the chance to score your most-wanted videos.


GK4 is a cornucopia is all video games and Steam keys online. They have classic games and the latest releases. And they also feature indie games. As always, they also offer sweet deals so you can take home not just one or two but a plethora of video games.


The beauty of OnePlay is that you can go crazy over the different titles they have on hand and go gaga over their prices. Why stop at buying 2 when you can get more? You can get as much as 70% in discounts. And, if you are iffy about buying a video game, why not rent it out? OnePlay makes it possible. So grab the video games that you’ve been waiting for!


Just like the other sites, Green Man Gaming is another online bazaar for video games, consoles, cards, and Steam keys. They also offer discount codes. Plus, they tell you what hot games are coming soon to whet your appetite.


Another site that offers great prices is CDkeys. When you visit their site, you will find full video game versions available and game console at bargain basement prices. This is the new go-to site if you want to improve your gaming experience without overspending.


Kinguin is a G2A wannabe that offers a wide variety of video games at the best prices. They offer Steam discounts so you can nab those Steam keys without any guilt feeling because you don’t have to spend as much and still get what you want.


GamesPlanet is another goldmine when it comes to finding the hottest video games at sexier prices. It also tells you when the next newest release is so you can salivate and save up for it when it comes out.


Once you visit DLGamer, you would not want to stop browsing through their list of offerings. Because of the wide variety of titles and the low, low prices, you might have a hard time choosing which ones to get. But you don’t have to settle for just one or two. You can get more! You can choose from the different kinds of games they have – from RPG to sports to simulation. Name it, they’ve got it.


If you are a serious gamer and a thirst for video games, GamesRocket is the site for you. Whether you need games for PC or Mac, consoles, gamecards, or software, they’ve got it for you. With an arsenal of video game choices, you will go crazy just trying to figure out what to get. But why stop at one when you can get them all with their low, low prices?


You’ll think it is Black Friday every time you visit GamesDeal. With products lined up from PC or Mac games to game cards, console games, and game deals, you’ll be like a kid in a candy store. What makes the deal sweeter is their up to 80% discounts! So grab those coupon codes and discounts and find the hottest video games on GamesDeal.


GamersGate is practically giving away online video games. They have all kinds of games – sports games, RPG, simulator games, and much, much more. With crazy prices like up to 90% off, you get more value for your buck and get to bring home more video games.