These blogniches are growing in popularity

Niche blogging is about writing for a specific industry, group of people, or market. What differentiates it from “normal” blogging is that it subtly endorses a product or service, through reviews, feedback, or just a mere mention. It is a form of marketing, and a sales strategy that is not hard sell. Niche blogs are employed to complement or support company websites that have a more direct sales approach. With niche blogs, the approach is more information-focused. And hopefully, through some positive feedback or reviews, the reader’s curiosity is aroused and will click that link that leads to the site.

What would be a good niche? Anything and everything, actually. There will always be a group of people who would be interested in what you say. The topic is not as important as you being passionate about or very knowledgeable about what you are writing.

Money / Finance

Making money blogs and personal finance blogs have always been a crowd favorite. And why not? Everybody wants to become richer. Some can play jackpot slots to make money, some want to learn how to save and invest wisely. So is personal fitness and health. People pay attention when it comes to having a healthier, more beautiful body. Traveling is another niche blog that is established. People dream of traveling the world. Many travel blogs offer inexpensive ways to travel by suggesting places to visit, to stay in, to eat, to shop, etc.


A niche blog that is up and coming is e-Learning. More and more people realize the value of improving themselves, not just physically or financially. e-Learning blogs offer how-tos in developing certain skills set. Blogs can be about software development, how to teach or learn English as a foreign language, or how to start your own blogs and earn from them. As the world becomes smaller, thanks to globalization, it is much easier to reach people and companies in and out of your country.


Another interesting niche blog is lifestyle. It is such a broad subject that there are many sub-genres under it. Like cooking or recipes, or just blogging about everyday life. You can be affiliated with stores that sell groceries, household items, and appliances. One famous blogger of this niche blog earns USD 5,000 a month just from her affiliation with Amazon.

Designer  / Creative

If you are an interior designer or a creative homemaker, make the most out of it by niche blogging about home decor. You can share some shabby chic decorating ideas or simple DIY projects. If you become very popular, you can take home around USD 6,000 from ads and affiliate marketing.

At the end of the day, whatever you write about, as long as it is about something that resonates with every person, people will most likely look it up and pay attention.