Transform your basement to a game room: this is how you do it

 Everyone dreams of having a gameroom in the house. It is actually quite possible to set up one and it need not be too expensive.  


Whether it is in the attic or the basement, a great game room is a place where people can converge and spend time together. If possible, try to find an adjacent space to a room where people usually go to, like the kitchen or the dining room. Putting a game room near these spaces will encourage people to sit down together and have some face time. The space needed for a guest room should be big enough to accommodate the furniture you want to put in and some elbow room to move around. You might also want to make sure the Wi-Fi signal is strong in the room, in case you want to play some high limit baccarat online. 



New furniture is always the best but not necessary when accessorizing your game room. What you definitely need are a comfortable couch and movable chairs, a coffee table, and a cabinet. Since the space will be used for different occasions and functions, having comfortable and movable seating will give you the flexibility you need, depending on the number of people in the room. A coffee table would be great for playing board games or card games. You can even put a board, painted with chalkboard paint, on top of it and use it as a scoreboard or a personalized board game. A cabinet provides storage for books, game consoles, video games, controllers, board games, and other toys.  


Appliances / Equipment 

The equipment you put in the room really depends on your budget and the space you have. You can put in your TV set and game console in the room, as well as a foosball table, a billiard table, a table tennis table, and a mahjong table or a poker table. You can even put in your favorite arcade games, if you find them. Classics like Pacman, Space Invaders, and Pinball would always attract people to play.  



There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the layout of the room. What you need to consider is the flow of activity in the room and the layout of the room itself. To maximize space, put all the furniture and equipment against walls, leaving the middle of the room open. Or you can put the coffee table in the middle of the room. You can always put the coffee table aside. You can hang the boards from your board games on the walls as part of your decor. Make sure you can easily put them down when you want to play with them. Use other games that you have as accent pieces in the room. Use transparent jars as decorative storage for puzzle pieces or other games you may have on hand. And the coup de grace of every game room would be the snacks. You can put jars of chips, cookies, candy, chocolates, or pretzels on the coffee table, or set up a separate “snack station.” It would be great if you have a mini-refrigerator around to put your drinks in too. Just have plates, forks, spoons, napkins on hand.